What's really happening with the waters around me?

And the inner waters?

Where does it come from?
Where does it go?
It cleanses us, nurtures us – it is us.
But is there a deeper mystery in it?
Glass of water
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Learn about fluoride in our water
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Hey, just learned you guys add fluoride to our city's water. Why?
Well, to make sure you don't get cavities we add fluoride to all water.
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Uhh, if I wanted that, I'd get fluoride toothpaste, but my dentist doesn't recommend it.
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All water needs fluoride, son. For your teeth. We've been doing it since 1945.
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Umm doesn't fluoride cause cancer? Decrease IQ? Destroy enzymes? ...
Sshhh. No one knows that for sure. Just swallow your fluoride!
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underground water
A platform to track the ins and outs of water,
where you live and throughout the world:
• What chemicals go into it?
• How does wastewater get treated?
• Which preservation initiatives are working?
• How can we collaborate to keep water pure?
• Which problem areas are going unaddressed?
• Which hot spots need global attention?
• Where does fracking and oil exploration affect water channels?
Water embodies the sacred feminine virtues of receptiveness and acceptance, fluidity and nurturing.
What can we learn from our own emotions?
From our relationship with the feminine?
Do we pollute our inner waterways?
It's all connected.

What we
work towards


Bringing back pure, crystalline waters

Water is life – and yet few of us understand all the ways we affect earth's waterways, individually and collectively. Here we track what's happening and transform it; and all it takes is a little understanding.


Drinking water as we used to

Drinking flat water from pipes and bottles often makes us just that: pretty flat. Being comprised of over 50% water, we deserve a drink brimming with life and vitality, hydrating ourselves as we used to in olden days.

Marketing Water

New ways of dealing with water

Applying traditional policies and market mechanisms to our water systems often results in shortages, pollution and health issues. Let's introduce better ways of dealing with this precious resource.

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A study of what we drink, and what we release into earth’s veins and heart.